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Discuss your challenge and find the answers to your most critical questions!

IBH along with their best industry experts is here to support you through these unprecedented time and get the instant support to your questions.

We have launched a new consultancy service where you can discuss your business situation. Our consultants bring together industry knowledge and extensive approach to give you impartial advice on how to perform and add value to your decisions.  

This is an excellent opportunity for companies and traders with trading problems which might develop into serious difficulties to consult with an expert while the problem is developing. It is much harder to solve the problem later when the case finally gets to arbitration. 

Set yourself up for decision-making success with one of our experts! 

 - Oil & LNG Trading Consulting 

Supported by considerable experience our oil trading consulting services include analysis of trading and hedging instruments, recommendations on marketing and shipping strategies, and provide guidance on new opportunities.

 - Tanker Transportation and Consulting 

The oil shipping has been one of the most wanted areas where people responsible for oil movements from A to B want to get a reliable advice on. We will deliver customised recommendations in Charter Parties, BsL, Laytime & Demurrage, dispute resolution and new INCOTERMS. 

 - Trade Finance Consulting

Most businesses are short of cash these days and we are ready to direct the best way to cooperate with banks and other financial institutions to get their funds & guarantees, to recommend  various risk mitigating instruments and other trade finance related adviсe.

High level of confidentiality is guaranteed with all our clients! 

Please send your requests to and our manager will contact you for details.