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19-20 October 2022 | Zoom delivery



The trainer, has almost 40 years’ experience in the energy sector, with the last 27 years in LNG, and has worked in most elements of the LNG and gas value chain. For most of that time the expert was leading multi-cultural teams and working internationally; has particular expertise in LNG contracting and the development of operating models. The contracting expertise is complemented by trainer's experience in operations, ensuring that practical considerations are always taken into account.

The instructor graduated in Petroleum Engineering and after a few jobs in the oil industry and the City had a first involvement with LNG in 1995, leading the negotiations (for National Power) to contract the supply of LNG to a CCGT at Marmara in Turkey. From that beginning the lecturer moved to Endesa in Madrid where established the gas supply team and led multiple long term gas and LNG supply contract negotiations. In Endesa the instructor was also involved with Endesa’s participation in two regasification terminals and an international gas pipeline as well as various acquisitions.

From Endesa the instructor moved on to Qatargas to head up the sales of Qatargas 3 and 4 (about 16 MTPA in total). From marketing the lecturer moved into commercial operations, managing the transition from development project to operating project for Qatargas 2 and putting in place the necessary agreements and procedures for the remaining trains. This included leading the department responsible for managing all the sales contracts and the development of the first MSPA. Of particular importance was ensuring alignment across the elements of the value chain – well-head to exit the regas facility.

Latterly, the instructor worked for Gazprom Marketing and Trading in Singapore, initially as Director Portfolio Commercial Co-ordination, then Director LNG Marketing Asia and finally Global Director Business Development. The first role included development of both the LNG strategy and the procedures to enable an efficient, consistent and compliant transaction process. As the Director of LNG Marketing Asia, the lecturer led the Asia marketing of Vladivostok LNG, a project which unfortunately did not ultimately proceed. In the business development role, the main focus was on small scale LNG in Europe.

Most recently, and back in London, the instructor has worked as a consultant, providing advice on LNG contracting and strategy as well as due diligence for acquisitions.


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