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COURSE: Effective Procurement, Tendering & Supplier Selection


Effective Procurement, Tendering & Supplier selection has been designed to lead delegates through the whole end to end bid cycle. At each stage of the cycle the key outputs are reviewed from both the buyer and vendor perspectives enabling delegates to swiftly assimilate the required skills and knowledge to prepare and implement effective tender strategies. The course expands to incorporate legal principles of contracting and effective vendor performance management enabling delegates to complete the course fully equipped with the necessary skills, tools and templates to swiftly and confidently implement their learning upon their return to the workplace.

Who should attend? 

Delegates who have a sound knowledge of basic procurement principles and who are looking for new and innovative ways of achieving competitive edge for their team and organisation.

Course Delivery: 

A blend of delivery styles to ensure that all delegate learning patterns are catered for; oral, visual & kinaesthetic. Course content will follow a format of: introduction of a topic, discussion of the topic to aid theoretical understanding and place the topic within the wider process context. Real world client examples will be utilised throughout, which will be combined with practical exercises for each topic, leading to delegates having applied theory, discussion, and practice to the whole procurement process throughout the course. 

Module outputs:

 By the end of the course delegates will be able to: 


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