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COURSE: A Practical Understanding of Charter Parties, Laytime & Demurrage


DAY 1. 

Elements of the voyage charter party

Laydays / Laycan / Laytime Laytime allowance

Notice of readiness Arrived ship

Exceptions to laytime - comparison between charter parties

Inward passage time to berth and shifting between berths

Time taken for bunkering the vessel

Demurrage calculation method

Weather delays (tanker)

Slow pumping, crude oil washing

Letters of protest 


DAY 2.


Demurrage in FOB and CIF sales contracts ~ delegates will provide their own examples

Making a profit from demurrage claims

Documentation for demurrage claims

Damages for detention

Time bars General terms and conditions – laytime and demurrage clauses

Practical approach & calculations of demurrage examples

Practical work on examples of clients' FOB and CIF contract claims

Practical discussions




Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam, South Holland, the Netherlands. Rotterdam is one of the world's most important junctions when it comes to cargo traffic.

General presentation with special attention to nautical management and energy. Representative of Port of Rotterdam will be present to be able to answer specific questions on the oil and gas business.

Vopak Terminal Europoort BV

As part of Royal Vopak, Vopak Oil Rotterdam is the logistic hub for the petroleum industry in North West Europe. You will have a bus tour through the terminal following by the general presentation about terminal capacity and services.  Representative of the Vopak Terminal will be able to answer specific questions on the oil business. 




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