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COURSE: Government Relations for Better Business Results.

November 2020, Dubai, UAE


Successful Government Relations requires structure, process and discipline, as well as strategic thinking. While it is partly an art, it is also a science – both of these elements must be developed to achieve the best results.

The aim of this course is to explore ways of thinking, skills and techniques that will bring better business results for your organisation and enhance your performance and your value to your organisation as a senior government relations executive.

The programme begins by looking at how to judge the effectiveness of your government relations function using a structured methodology that uses up to 16 assessment criteria. This tool allows you to identify your areas of excellence and those where you need to focus on improving performance.

The focus then turns to strategy and its four key components:
- assessing the environment
- identifying critical issues
- planning strategy implementation
- networking

This is followed by a session on examining the assumptions that underpin your decision-making and strategy development, and the importance of testing those to ensure you are working with accurate information.

Then a series of tools to plan actually engaging governments are discussed. These can be used in different combinations to suit the particular situation.

Case studies are used throughout to illustrate these elements and processes, and a final overall case study to bring all of them together will form the last session of the seminar.

 The course is designed for  heads of Government Relations functions – globally or in-country – or executives responsible for a substantial element of their organisation’s function (e.g. heads of regions or of GR for a particular business such as upstream, downstream, gas, etc.) that want to upgrade or refresh their approach to the structure and processes of effective GR and test against best practice.


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