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COURSE: LNG Shipping & Operations

17 - 19 June 2020, London, UK



The instructor having spent 15 years at sea with BP, achieving the dizzy heights of Chief Officer, the course lecturer migrated to a shore position with Clyde and Co. Employed as a Marine Investigator tracking down stolen oil he then joined Minton Treharne and Davies to hone his sleuthing skills before adapting them to ship vetting with the French oil major Elf in 1992. Whilst at Elf he volunteered for a posting in Nigeria as the Shipping Manager in NLNG. After nearly three years in Lagos, Paris beckoned and so his brokerage career started with Barry Rogliano Salles until 2001 when the LNG departments of Clarksons and BRS merged to for LNG Shipping Solutions. In 2009 Platou set up a new London operation and he moved there as a partner but in August 2012 left Platou to operate in his own consultancy company leaving the brokerage side of the business after 15 years. 



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