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COURSE: TANKER CHARTERING. Hands-on Strategies in shipping.

25 - 27 March, Barcelona, Spain



This specifically designed 3-day course will provide in-depth study of the industry key charter party clauses interpretation, arbitration rulings, actual case studies,tanker operations and management. The course also details the complexities and difficulties involved in marine custody transfer operations and loss control.

The goal is to teach participants how shipping is more than just a means of getting cargo from one place to another, but is instead a key tool in creating and managing charter.

The course programme is based on the combination of theory knowledge delivered by lecture, practical workshops and trading games. The course is highly participatory; experiences are shared and questions lead to fruitful discussions.Programme is enhanced with the practical sessions to provide you with hands-on experience of decision making in this area.


Course Goals  

- Learn about practical chartering practice
- Understand the principles of negotiation techniques
- Achieving the operational excellence of staff
- Recourse to the knowledge of experienced lecturer and the opportunity to interact and work together 



• Traders, commercial, operational and financial personnel from trading, ship-owning & operating companies
• Transportation management
• Chemicals producers, trading & distribution companies
• Personnel from banks & financial institutions, accountants and law firms 


Upon the completion of the course you will be issued International Business House Certificate.

The course participants will be issued 24 CPD credits International Industry Certificate of the IBH.




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