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COURSE:Trade Finance and Credit Insurance in Energy Markets

14 — 16 November 2018 Geneva, Switzerland


The value of internationally traded goods reaches trillion US dollars in value over last years, by some estimates of ICC buyers located in developing markets represent ca. 40% of the total imports, and hence a seller may want an instrument to mitigate settlements risk. Energy markets have their own traditions, trades on many occasions are done based on tenders with non-negotiable terms not to discriminate participants and the importance of understanding how to finance a transaction is ever growing. Errors and hesitations in decision making process cost money and lost opportunities to companies who do not react on the changing environment quickly, everything in the energy trading shall be done, as traders normally say, with a deadline ‘yesterday’, i.e. training your stuff and brushing on new trends, exchange of knowledge and gaining new positive experiences is crucial for success of your company. 

This comprehensive and interactive training course takes participants deep into negotiation, drafting, and closing deals with various financial institutions that are capable to enhance your position in the market and help you to mitigate various risks associated with trade.

The course will be focused on energy markets, but it also could be useful for any financier working with trades as trade finance bears similarities among various industries.

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