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COURSE:Trade Finance and Credit Insurance in Energy Markets

14 — 16 November 2018 Geneva, Switzerland



Head of Trade and Corporate Finance, Gazprom Marketing & Trading UK 

She is responsible for managing the Trade and Corporate Finance Team which includes setting the financing strategy of the GM&T group, raising sufficient funding and trade finance lines, managing the group’s banking panel and running a back office function for issuing various trade finance and risk mitigating instruments to support global commodity trading (gas, LNG, power, oil and oil products) in Europe, America and Asia. 

Before joining GM&T Ltd. in January 2012, worked for over 15 years for major international banks in cash management, client coverage, trade finance and syndications. 

She has conducted trade finance and insurance courses for Gazprom Group across Europe. Is also frequent moderator and key-note speaker for international conferences and seminars. She holds a CSDG qualification from LIBF/ICC and she is going to sit an exam for CSDC exam in October 2018.

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