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COURSE:Trade Finance and Credit Insurance in Energy Markets

14 — 16 November 2018 Geneva, Switzerland


Day 1

 Day 1 is about fundamentals: who does what, roles of the parties and main risks to address, structures of the products and recent trends in ways of applying the instruments to mitigate main risks.

Participants will be able to distinguish between various products and to understand how to choose the best available instruments to cover specific risks. They will also have an opportunity to see the credit support instruments in the context of trading cycle and to familiarize themselves with key agreements signed alongside with a commercial contract. Moreover the delegates will learn documents flow and will understand the interplay of various stages of the deal cycle. Such understanding could be crucial in the real deal environment, as it shall also help to prioritize “the to-do list” when winning a deal.  This part will also allow participants to get insight into international rules for credit support instruments.                                                                                                             

Day 2

 Day 2 is about finishing the discussion about products available to mitigate risks. One of the very powerful tools in trading is insurance of credit and political risks. By the end of the day the delegates will be able to understand:

- What are the parties of the insurance policy?
- What is insurance broker?
- Is it worth to have a big market player on your side or could a company be willing to choose a boutique broker focusing on your       segment of the market?
- What if insurance is not available?
- Any other products to consider covering credit risk of your counterparty to be aware of?

This part will be finished with a case study involving knowledge of all products discussed earlier. 

Day 3

Day 3 discussions will be about the cases that went wrong. In the end of the day participants will be able to understand necessary steps to claim under a credit support instrument (a bank guarantee or an insurance policy) and to see how important to fulfill all obligations under the agreements created along the chain to claim smoothly. The day will be concluded with a discussion around recent technological trends that promise various solutions to main concerns in trade finance world.

Participants will share their thoughts on what they have learnt and what could be further researched. 

The course pace can speed up or slow down on some topics depending on what audience is willing to do, delegates shall be prepared to actively participate in shaping every day of the training. It is a known fact that active learning is the best!



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