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COURSE: Universal Commercial Negotiator

24 - 25 June 2019, ICE Education, London, UK


The Universal Commercial Negotiator Programme has been structured to give deep insight into and the opportunity for practical application of structured methodologies designed to deliver improved outcomes.
From dispute circumstances to those requiring deep collaboration, each negotiation is different. Every negotiator needs the ability to flex their style and approach and so the workshop provides the delegate with exposure to the universe of different negotiation types and the tools required to deal with the variety of circumstances to which they may be exposed. The result of this is to equip participants with greater confidence, coordination, control and power in any negotiation they face.
The programme is also available on an in-house basis where all participants are from the same client company. This is particularly effective in generating common understanding, language and approach.

The programme content is interspersed with practical negotiation exercises and case studies across the array of negotiation types. Video is used to reinforce the delegate learning that is delivered through a detailed feedback process. 

Programme Deliverables focus on increasing the delegate's capacity to implement principles and deliver significantly improved negotiation outcomes. This comes through:


Attendance is open to the public and is relevant to all those responsible for or involved in commercial negotiations irrespective of seniority or experience levels.


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