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COURSE: Leadership in Global Energy.

7 - 9 September 2020, Istanbul,Turkey


 “Great leaders are born, not made”, say some. Course director disagrees. Using his extensive experience of running businesses in the Middle East, ranging from oil and gas and telecoms through to consumer goods, he brings engaging insights into the art of leadership and the development of the skills that effective leaders need. Such skills, he argues, can be acquired and developed.

This program, focuses on the combination of hard skills - required by managers in planning, organising and operating - to soft skills – required by leaders for driving change, setting direction and inspiring high performance. Through personal and practical examples based on years of experience applying both hard and soft skills, Course director provides a comprehensive understanding of how to be an effective leader, how to make better decisions, and how to build and motivate teams across functions and regions.

In an energy industry that is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty, leadership matters more than ever, and it's the companies that develop a healthy leadership culture based on soft skills that will thrive. 

Who should attend?

Managers and senior professionals with 5-10 years experience, and aiming to take on greater leadership roles in the energy industry will benefit from this course.
You will probably already be managing a small team and have experienced the challenges of international businesses and market cycles.

What are the trends within the energy sector that make this course so relevant?

    •  Talent recruitment and retention, especially among millennials
    •  The need to develop a new generation of leaders
    •  Continued uncertainty following the oil price collapse
    •  New technologies bringing new ways of working and changes to existing processes
    •  The challenge from shale, renewables
    •  Changing attitudes in society and environmental and political sensitivities

Delegates will: 


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