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COURSE: Leadership in Global Energy.

7 - 9 September 2020, Istanbul,Turkey


This course will help participants understand ‘leadership’ and with that knowledge better map their own career path. This course has an energy focus, and which recognises the growing importance of renewables in the energy mix. Drawing on a broad range of relevant examples and exercises across the industrial spectrum, it addresses the specific issues around leading teams that combine engineering and scientific experts with financial and business professionals, in dealing with governments and other stakeholders in different parts of the world, and in driving high performance in commercial, environmental and safety terms.
The table below shows the theme for each day and a range of topics that are likely to be covered. The exact daily programme will be subject to the needs and expectations of course participants.

Day 1: Introduction to Leadership

The course begins with defining leadership & understanding the elements and attributes of inspirational leadership. Understandingyour own leadership style and how it impacts your “followers”. The day ends with a look at the role of the leader in setting an organisation’s purpose, vision & values, and the distinction between leadership and management.

 What is Leadership

Communicating Vision & Strategy

Leadership Theories in Practice

Purpose, Vision, Values

What Leaders do

Day 2: Leading Teams & Organisations

Day two focuses on leading the organisation: creating a culture and structure to achieve success. Bringing together engineers, scientists, accountants and others to work across geographical, functional and cultural boundaries. Learning to think strategically and aligning strategy with culture & values to ensure engagement throughout the organisation. Talent & performance management. The different ways to organise a business.

Team Leadership

 Organisation Leadership

Day 3: Advanced Leadership

The third day will be combination of sessions on leading outside the organisation
–  negotiating with stakeholders, especially governments – and additional sessions on strategy, change, personal development and CSR, to be chosen by participants based on their own requirements.

Leading your Stakeholders

Strategy & Change

Personal & Interpersonal skills

Corporate Social Responsibility & Reputation




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