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In-Person: Leadership in Global Energy

23-25 October 2023, Dubai, UAE



Lecturer has 25 years international business experience in a variety of roles across the EMEA region in various Energy related sectors, including Oil & Gas, Renewables, Infrastructure, Shipping, Technology and Private Equity.He has managed large P&Ls (> 1 bl €), has been a member of regional and global leadership teams of large corporates (top 1%) and has managed large, distributed teams across countries and cultures. His key areas of expertise are: strategy development and implementation (including new market entries), Sales and Business development, change management, value creation, international expansion, management of internal and external stakeholders, organisational development.

Executive education and the development of new talents were a constant topic in his career: he began his career at the Academy with PhD (Durham, UK), and then worked as a research fellow at universities in Britain and Austria, and attended Business Schools, including IMD, Ashridge, Cranfield and MCE. Currently, he works as a leader development coach at the Institute of Directors, as well as a member of the Board of Directors and an MBA / Exec Ed diploma in various business schools in the UK, Europe and the USA.

His style of teaching is very interactive and attractive, relying on the participants' own experience to share best practices and translate the theory into reality with a story and case studies.



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