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VIRTUAL COURSE: Oil Shipping With Barges

17, 18 March, 2021

The barge industry continues to be well positioned to move crude, inland tank barges for hauling liquid petroleum are fully mature and the business is booming. With all this growth, more companies are boosting their tank-barge operations. To be successful in this market requires having the right knowledge in the right direction.  

The IBH two days modular course is specifically developed to assist participants to further understanding of barge operations. Course objective is to provide an understanding of principles of oil shipping using barges. 

Course Delivery
The course will be led by two experts who spend many years working in the industry and have extensive knowledge in shipping and chartering. This will be delivered as a double act by both lecturers at the same time during the four hourly sessions each day. During these sessions participants will share an online PowerPoint and live board explanations. The course is enhanced with practical modules to provide you with hands on experience of decision making in this area and supported with real scenarios and worked examples.


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