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30 May — 1 June 2018 Geneva, Switzerland


   The lecturer is the managing director in the financial consulting firm of a boutique with a predominantly European and Asian client base.  He advises on organisational development, trade finance and strategy related topics. Graduated as trade and business finance lawyer at Leiden University in the Netherlands, for several years the Head of Legal and Compliance department at Deutsche Bank Netherlands. During his 25-year business career, he has worked in the international trade finance centres of Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt  and Amsterdam.

    As Global Head of Standard Chartered Bank’s Commodity Traders and Agribusiness he was for a number of years in charge of the management and strategic direction of the bank’s relationships with commodity trading companies, a global commercial department of some 300 trade and corporate finance experts. Prior to his involvement with Standard Chartered Bank, he was with Citibank in Hong Kong, with Fortis Bank in London and as Global Head of Structured Energy Finance with Westdeutsche Landesbank (WestLB) in Germany and Singapore. 

   Before turning into a full-time consultant he acted a few years as Chief Financial Officer for Clearsource, an independent Asia-based company that trades physical oil, base metals and biomass.
   Course Instructor has written books on bank collateral and trade finance and conducted trade finance and legal courses for financial institutions, trading companies and government agencies. He is a frequent panel moderator &key-note speaker for internationally renowned conferences and seminars in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

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