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VIRTUAL COURSE: Refinery Performance and Cost Improvement

8-10 November 2022 | Zoom Delivery



Course instructor holds a Masters and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He worked 26 years for Shell. His expertise lies in Manufacturing, Supply & Distribution, Research & Technical Services, Business Assurance (Quality & Auditing), Change Management and Continuous Improvement.

He has 15 years of refinery and petrochemicals engineering experience and worked 12 years in three refineries. He led multi-cultural teams of up to 13 highly educated (PhD-level) direct reports in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. His last Shell-role was in the Management Team of Pernis Refinery in Rotterdam with a secondment in Shell Internal Audit.

He has now an assignment at Delft University of Technology as Senior University Lecturer and runs a consultancy agency to support Production Processes Performance Improvement in mainly the refining and (petro)chemicals industry.

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