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We understand that every organisation is unique, and one size does not fit all. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to tailoring bespoke training that align with your specific needs and goals. Whether you need on-site training, virtual courses, or a combination of both, we can tailor the course to fit your schedule, budget, and learning objectives.

What We Offer

In-company bespoke courses globally
Virtual and blended tailor learning solutions
Practical classroom courses in combination with site visits
Computer based simulation for trading hedging practice
Intern & grad programmers
Corporate academies
Learning need analyses
Talent Mentoring and Evaluating
Our Approach to Learning Design

Step 1: Analyse learning objectives

Our journey begins with a comprehensive training needs analysis. Our learning design team collaborates with your key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your goals, challenges, and priorities.

Step 2: Programme Design and Development

Based on the training needs analysis, we create a detailed program outline, which includes subject matter experts, learning objectives, content structure, and delivery methods. Your feedback is key to developing a successful solution. We collaborate closely with your team throughout the design process to ensure the program meets your expectations. Once agreed, we create bespoke materials and high-impact learning experience.

Step 3: Program Delivery

Once the program is designed and approved, we schedule the training sessions at a time that suits your team’s availability. Whether it’s through traditional classroom settings, interactive virtual modules, or a blend of different formats, our trainers will engage your employees with interactive lectures, real-world case studies, and practical exercises.

Step 4: Assessment and Feedback

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with the delivery of learning solutions. We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our programs through assessments, participants and management feedbacks, and performance metrics. By measuring the impact of our training on your employees’ performance, we identify areas for improvement to ensure continuous growth and development.

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation to instructor Adi for his dedication and expectional expertise throughout the program. The knowledge and insights gained from the course have proven to be incredibly valuable, and I am eagerly looking forward to applying them in the ever evolving energy”

Sara AlKhaldi Planning & Performance Analyst Industry

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