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19-20 October 2022 | Zoom delivery

The course is delivered through a combination of presentations and a workshop covering a delivery failure.  The outcome of attendance will be to enhance your expertise in LNG contracting, expand your understanding of how the LNG chain operates today and learn how to adapt your business strategies to the changing environment.

Course Overview

Global LNG demand continues to grow every year as does the market complexity, leading to an increase in demand for people who are professionally versed in the contractual and operational issues of LNG transactions. To meet that need we have developed a course on LNG sale and purchase contracts.

This intensive 2-day course offered by IBH will take you through all the elements of LNG Sale and Purchase agreements beginning with setting the market context, followed by an in-depth review of the contract components including their linkage with the operations.

There is then a workshop to put the knowledge into practise, looking at the delivery failure of a cargo using an actual MSPA.  Organisational issues are also considered, looking at possible structures and roles and responsibilities. 

Finally, there is a review of regasification studying the rationale for having regas and how that drives specific solutions, rounded off with a review of regasification contract terms.

After attending the course you will:

  • Develop an understanding of how we have arrived where we are in the LNG market: market structure, flows and pricing.
  • Understand the difference between transacting LNG and transacting oil. Understand what the SPA clauses really mean and how the words in the contract connect with the reality of what is happening with the LNG.
  • Be more confident in understanding where to focus your attentions in the MSPA and CN, both during negotiations and during transactions and operations.
  • Be clear about the risks inherent in the contract and those when transacting between two contracts
  • Work your way through a delivery failure using an actual contract, understand the steps and where the uncertainties lie.
  • Understand the different internal processes, both for transacting but also for physical delivery.
  • Know what the main considerations are surrounding use of regas facilities.

Who is this course for?

  • Newcomers to LNG trading (or sales and purchase)
  • Market participants taking on more responsibility in LNG transactions and contracting 
  • People who want to fill out the depth of their knowledge: 
    • Used to working with the contract terms, but wondering what some of it really means and why it’s there 
    • Working in operations and want a greater understanding of the contracts sitting behind your activities 
    • Unsure that you know how to respond quickly and effectively in the face of problems e.g. off spec’ LNG, LNG not being delivered 
    • Working in support functions and want a better understanding of the LNG business

 This course will contribute to your CPD. Upon the completion of the course you will be issued 8 CPD credits International Business House Certificate


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