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CLASSROOM: Advanced Oil Trading: Risk and Hedging

25-28 October 2022, Nice, France


This course has been developed as an interactive trading course, facilitated by trading / educational specialist who has experience, of both physical and derivative trading. The delegates will get a unique learning experience where trading techniques are explained and shared with them. The program will cover trading and market risks, market structures, hedging, technical analysis and options.  The course is not mathematical and will examine technicals and options from a non-quant point of view.

The course is interactive with exercises and simulations using realistic data and trading scenarios in the Asian and European markets. The delegates will look at how to hedge the physical positions, considering when to hedge, which is the best instrument to hedge with, and what basis risks they must live within real trading


This course is designed for traders and market participants who have a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of oil trading, pricing, and markets.

This course will contribute to your CPD. Upon the completion of the course you will be issued 32 CPD credits International Business House Certificate



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