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COURSE: Advanced Bills of Lading

18 - 19 June 2020, London, UK


Bills of Lading are the most important documents in world trade, including shipping of every kind. Understanding the commercial and legal considerations are vital to successful shipping and transportation of cargoes. All players involved with Bills of Lading, including shipowners, charterers, brokers, agents, lawyers and bankers need to have a firm grasp of the complexities involved in careful use of these essential documents. 

Bills of Lading is a practical course which covers in detail the obligations of owners and other carriers, charterers and other shippers, agents and bankers.

This workshop will provide a comprehensive knowledge of bills of lading. During these two days, participants will explore the issues and complexities of bills of lading and learn how they function, what purpose they serve and their implications for the shipping of company-specific goods. Various international regulations will be discussed, including Hague and Hague-Visby Rules, Hamburg Rules, Rotterdam Rules, UCP 500 & 600, ISBP and INCOTERMS 2000 / 2010 / 2020. Through a combination of theory, discussion, practical examples and exercises, delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals involved in the careful creation and use of these crucial documents.

Key Learning Outcomes

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