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COURSE: LNG Trading and Operations

3 - 5 October 2018, Singapore


This intensive 3-‐Day training course works as a «one-stop-shop», providing a unique opportunity to go through the whole spectrum of LNG Market, Trading, Operations and Contracts.

Through a combination of insightful lectures and interactive group work, you will expand your existing knowledge of the LNG chain and learn how to be an agile and wise player on the rough seas of LNG trading.

Day 1  brushes an updated picture of the buoying LNG markets and the trends in LNG trading. 
Day 2  drills down into the intricacies of LNG trading and operations. The devil lies in details!   
Day 3  helps understand the main clauses of LNG contracts and the logics behind long term deals. 

One single course leader will coach you through the three days. With both an engineer’s background and a trading manager’s experience, he will make you feel as if you were embedded in a Trading and Operations team.


This course is designed for LNG industry professionals, probably with some experience, looking to develop a more detailed understanding of the supply and trading business. The comprehensive programme is essential for those individuals who work along the LNG value chain; this includes a wide range of professionals such as:



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