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VIRTUAL COURSE: Trading and Shipping Working Together

10-13 October 2022 | Virtual Delivery | 8am-2pm GMT

A full online course for those dealing with oil trading and shipping 

International oil trading means moving crude oil and products on tankers. 

How do traders hire tankers?How are the costs calculated? How important is the cost of shipping in the oil market? Details of all of the techniques to support successful oil trading and shipping have been implemented into this 4-day virtual course led by two experts - an experienced ex-oil trader and a globally renowned shipping expert with over 47 years of practice in the industry.

The course content is designed as a means to give you a sound overview of how the shipping industry and the trading industry work in tandem to move oil around the world. The emphasis of the course is on sound commercial practice, drawing on the working knowledge and extensive experience of the course leaders. 

Each session lasts four hours and the participants will share an online PowerPoint and live board explanations. The course is enhanced with practical sessions to provide you with hands on experience of decision making in this area and supported with real scenarios and worked examples.


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